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French immersion in the Alps

TWO ways to learn French: the private lessons & the immersion with daily family life.

The lessons give you the language structure and rules and the immersion gives you the opportunity to use your French language skills in  a safe, supportive environment.

You will be fully immersed!

Hear and speak French everyday, the best way to make maximum progress in minimum time!

Opt for a ''package'' offer to make the most of your holiday here. An extensive choice of local, seasonal activities provides another opportunity to speak French: ski, snowshoe, hike, walk, city visit…

If you want to try or improve your skills in a specific sport (MTB, Ski….), choose the ''package à la carte''. I will organise everything for you. All our partners are qualified French instructors.

Cookery lessons


Cookery lessons included! If you’re a food lover, you’re at the right place.

Fred, a talented French chef, cooks culinary delights and loves to share his secrets.

Cookery lessons


2 hours of formal lessons a day, for 5 days = 10 hours/week (1 :1 or 2 :1).

The lessons are tailor made for for your level and specific needs. ​The lessons will cover speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Together, we will set a work plan based on your strengths and weaknesses but also on your personal objectives.

I will be your personal, dedicated French teacher. No student teachers, no classrooms, no intimidating groups!



lessons adapted to your needs to make quick progress.


flexible lesson schedule, to fit around both your activity program and the weather forecast!


Not sure of your level in French?

No problem, I will contact you by SKYPE or phone before your arrival to assess you. Then we’ll work efficiently from day one of your stay.

To get an idea of your level you can take this online test.



''I grew up near Paris and never thought of living in the mountains. I enjoyed a busy and intense city life ! In 2009 we moved here and I quickly realised how beautiful the mountains are in every season and how much better the living style in a quiet area close to nature. I changed my habits, stopped being busy all the time and started to enjoy the life, my family, our friends and this amazing region nestled between lakes and mountains! Of course I will teach you French to improve your ability, but I also want to share our lifestyle with you, the sport, nature, tasty meals, family &friends!

After a Master degree in International business and 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, I changed  my work  and started a French teaching course, gaining a diploma from the Alliance Française. I love teaching my mother tongue and tailoring my lessons to individual student.''

Please read some of my students reviews to see how I work.


You have a question about the mountains, the history of the Alps, the climate in the region or the plants growing near the river?…

Fred will tell you the answer! Born here and with a Masters degree in Geography, Fred has an extensive knowledge of the Portes du Soleil area and can show you the best walks and views!

Fred is also very practical and built our chalet himself, ''upcycling'' a lot of old furniture & wood in the process.

He is also a talented Chef. – owning and cooking at our restaurant in Les Gets for 5 years whilst I manage the front of house. Fresh ingredients and simple tasty recipes are his favourites!

If you love cooking (or just eating!), you’re at the right place!


Our sporty and outgoing son (born in 2012) is a talented member of the local ski and MTB clubs. Accompany him one day and you may strggle to keep up ;-)

He loves meeting students and will ask you lots of questions, but don’t worry he knows to speak slowly if necessary!


Our little Princess (born in 2016) has grown up with students in her home and she loves it!

She will want to be your friend and will probably ask you to play with her, do a puzzle, read a book...


All more opportunities to practice your French!


NOUKI, Our little dog rescued  froma refuge on The Reunion Island. He is very kind and loves cuddles and walks.

HENS, Thanks to our hens, we have fresh and tasty eggs every day! They also help use up the leftovers!

I am Carol, your French teacher. My husband is Fred and we have 2 children: Antoine et Anna. We also have a dog : Nouki, 3 donkeys and hens. We love living in the mountains and will be happy to share our lifestyle with you and show you all the best local sites.

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