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They stayed with us and talked about it

''My review of the great stay I had!

I stayed with Carol and Fred for 10 days as a home stay guest in June 2018 with full board. I was accommodated in a very comfortable double room in their new chalet with an ensuite and a superb view over the Morzine mountains and valley. Carol and Fred have a unique ability to welcome you into their home and help improve your French. As soon as I arrived, I felt instantly at home and a part of the family. Carol had asked me if I minded young children and a dog.  I said it would all add to the enjoyment of being with the family.  And so it was. I miss them all and can’t wait to return.

The purpose for my homestay was to improve my French and to do some day hikes.  The family were exceptionally patient with my limited ability to speak and comprehend French.  They spoke slowly and weren’t fazed when they had to repeat themselves, often! Carol provided me with one-to-one tuition and very useful follow-up exercises. I felt a deal more confident about communicating in French after my stay with them.

I had spent the previous 4 weeks at another school. Instead I wished I had spent that time with Carol and Fred. Just prior to Morzine I fell and broke my foot. Although I wasn’t able to hike as I’d planned, Carol and Fred were wonderfully generous driving me everywhere including great picnics!

There were many other delights staying with the family such as Fred’s cooking – I remember a mushroom fondue which was unforgettable, as well as Carol’s ability to make you feel part of the family and their genuine interest in you not as a guest but as a friend.

Carol and Fred’s energy and generosity is outstanding.   It is the perfect place to learn French! I can’t wait to get back there.''

Barbara, 69, Sydney, Australia (stay in June 2018):

‘'If you are looking to learn French then there is no place better than to start than a French language homestay programme with Carol and her family in a delightful family built chalet in the Savoyard region of France. I should know because I have had the joy of two homestay experiences in January and March 2019. 


Carol is an energetic and enthusiastic French language teacher, with two loved, friendly and sociable small children. Her husband is a chef, who delights in sharing his passion for Savoyard cooking with the household guests! The family is completed by a friendly dog, who accompanied Carol and I on out daily walks ‘de parler français au naturel! 


During my stay, I shared the family's day to day life. I also learned about French customs, diets and habits, which suited my open , mature and curious mind. I also made new friends through Carole organising a  traditional Savoyard Soirée for friends. My language skills improved due to the constant immersion. Back in UK I was delighted to receive compliments  from my Native French teacher about my French skills having improved! 


I shall certainly be going back a third time! Carol, when can I come to stay?''

Margery, 65, London, GB (Stays in January and March 2019) 

''I failed french at school and have a mental block for languages. As a 40 something I really want to learn French but having spent thousands of pounds on french lessons in London and in France i made little progress. Carols approach to « living french »  has worked ! I can now communicate, understand basic conversations and have the confidence to ask French people to talk slowly to me so I can follow what is being said. Carol doesnt provide short cuts, but makes you work on the correct grammar so you sound authentic and sensible. By practicing « live » French together in a cafe, walking the dog or cooking a meal I have finally cracked it!''

Lindsey, 41, London W1 (spring 2019) 

''I stayed in 4 different host families while learning French in France. I loved them all but Carol and Fred combined all the best bits of the others in one and had some truly unique things to offer too. Entertaining and helping people learn new skills in a totally practical, direct,and fun way has been a way of life for them for many years and it shows. I felt like part of the family but more than that it seems like Fred and Carol know everyone in Morzine and so it felt like I was really able to get to know some of the wider French community which is very unsusual especially when I wasn’t very string speaker. A lot of home stays are with older people but Fred and Carol are a young dynamic couple who love doing things and they were happy to share them with me. I think all the students remember the fondue soirées particularly fondly.Me I loved the days out skiing together and Fred showing me all the secret ways around the resort…..oh and of course sledding down a narrow mountain track for kilometers with Antoine yelling at me: «  Lâche les friens! ». Thanks for everything guys.''

Dmitri, 45, Nothingam, GB, winter 2019 

''During my time in Morzine, the highlight of each week was the evening gathering at Carol's. Her family chalet has a true Savoyard feel and offers a warm and welcoming respite from the more touristy Morzine village. The evenings were lively, with wine and food tastings distracting enough to allow me to forget I was also practicing my French! ...Then we all sit down for the main meal. Maybe you helped out, or maybe you let Fred, a masterful chef, do most of the preparation - either way, it's a delicious dive into local cuisine!''

Geoffrey, 45, USA 

''J’ai appris français avec Carol depuis octobre 2018. Elle est une fantastique prof. - très créatif - est les leçons sont très variés et amusants et - je voudrais ajouter - provocant. Super! Nickel!!

Carol has an excellent grasp of her students’ knowledge abilities and interests and pushes them accordingly. This helps them to learn as quickly as possible And Fred is a fantastic cook - both for us and our guests at a nearby chalet. I very strongly recommend them both.''

Cooke Peter, United Kingdom

''Carol is quite simply the best French teacher I have ever had! I previously had a decent-ish level of French from some time spent working here but my grammar and vocabulary had eroded considerably in the intervening 15 years. Carol quickly assessed my abilities and immediately started work on refreshing my knowledge and tackling the many gaps. Her lessons are well-constructed and thoroughly planned in advance, with useful tips and helpful exercises that really helped me to remember what we'd covered after the event. Carol is patient and energetic in her approach, providing much encouragement, helpful resources and gentle nudging to work between lessons in order to maximise my progress. She is also great company and lovely to chat to, which makes the whole experience a lot more fun!''

Rosie, London, UK, Spring 2019

''I can not say enough of the fantastic time I had with Carol, Fred and their two wonderful children. They are such a warm, open family and very enthusiastic to share and teach their language and culture. The accommodations could not have been more peaceful, lovely and comfortable and I learned so much French every day! My daughter was lucky enough to spend a week with them earlier in the summer and had the same terrific experience of being welcomed and included into the family. It was the perfect way to begin our time in France. I was sad to leave these wonderful people, and so grateful for their care of my daughter and me.''

Birdsall, Katharine, USA, July 2019

"Stayed for a week with Fred and Carol and became friends for life! They are some of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met, and do an incredible job of creating a welcoming experience. From Fred's warm heart, Carol's excitement, and the kids being adorable, they really make you feel a part of the family. Their chalet (which Carol designed and Fred built) is spectacular, with an amazing panoramic view of the alpine wonderland about you.


In my time staying with them, I ate incredibly well, learned about the history of the surrounding locale (Fred's family has lived in the area since Napoleon's time!), and went on several adventures (including an amazing afternoon visit to Champéry in nearby Suisse). I was taking French classes at the nearby French school, and staying with F&C provided me ample chances to truly immersify my language study. By the end of the week, I was dreaming in French!


We had such a good time together that they invited me back for dinner twice the following week to cook and meet their friends. In the few months since, they've reached out multiple times to ask how I've been and share updates of life in the Alps. I'm not kidding when I say that you'll truly become a part of their lives if you stay with them. Truly one of the best experiences I've ever had -- 11/10 would recommend!"

Anay Dattawadkar, USA, July 2019

" I was lucky enough to stay with Carol, Fred, Antoine and Anna when I took a sabbatical for 6 weeks. If you decide to stay with them, you couldn’t make a better choice. You will have delicious food every night thanks to Fred who is a chef - wonderful not to have to worry about this after a ‘hard’ days skiing/boarding. You can have French lessons or homework help from Carol, who’s a teacher, and you can practice by reading Anna a bedtime story, or playing Lego with Antoine. Fred and Carol are extremely hospitable and will give you the option to join them on outings, or Fred - an ex ski instructor - can give you patient lessons. Carol can help you navigate your logistics. You have the option to be in amongst the family or you can be off in your own little annex depending on what you prefer. For me it was perfect. The family epitomises hospitality."

Victoria Rixom, 2019

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