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Why choosing an immersion course to learn a language ?

You want to learn a new language ?

Nowadays there are many ways to start learning :

- Internet/smartphone : it’s free and will give you the basics. It’s a great start if you’re a complete beginner BUT you must work on your own and organise your schedule. Otherwise you will start but never continue and will have limited progress.

- Language school : in your country or in France, several schools offer language classes. You will be assessed and join a class of your level. BUT often there are a lot of students and you can’t participate as much as you want or it’s easy to avoid to speak. Also depending on your ability, the class may be too slow or too fast for you !

Besides these 2 offers have a massive inconvenient in common : once the lesson is finished, you’re back in your life surrounded by your native language or by english spoken people if your France.

France is the N°1 destination in the tourism industry, so if you choose a language school in France, there is a high chance to be in a touristic part of France……Which means that all the French you will meet at the bakery, restaurants and shops will speak English. They can’t guess that you are learning French and are used to speak in English to the foreigners.

What’s the best solution then ?

- A language immersion course !

It is the perfect mix between learning through structured lessons and naturally improving your listening, understanding and speaking skills !

The lessons are private only so that there are focused on your specific needs.

The immersion : meals and activities with the family will allow you to participate to daily conversation, get some useful vocabulary and improve your understanding and speaking skills.

The fact that you stay at your teacher’s home is even better than any host family. Your teacher will know your level and what you’re able to understand and say. So he/she will avoid to speak with complicated sentences or tenses if you can’t understand.

Sharing the life of a French family is also discovering a way of life : the habit, the cooking, the wine, the activities…………just what you need to get a real taste of France !

For more information, visit our website :

written by Carol, F&C Experience


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